Full Stream Elemental Analyzer

The ETI Model 730 Full Stream Analyzer is an Online Bulk Material Analyzer using prompt-gamma neutron activation analysis (PGNAA) and a Dual-Gamma instrument to determine the elemental composition of material as it passes through the device's analysis zone on a conveyor belt.

The FSEA is an online analyzer, measuring the full stream of material while it is moving. This is greatly superior to offline sampling where a small portion of material is periodically removed and sent to a lab for analysis, or XRF where only a thin layer of material is analyzed. PGNAA technology measures the elemental content of 100% of the material in real time while it is in motion on the conveyor, and provides analytical data on a minute-by-minute basis.

The analyzer's real-time measurement and reporting allows plant operators to react to and correct chemistry problems, build consistent stockpiles of material, and to generate reports on material quality for batches or particular time periods.

The analyzer data can be directly accessed by plant control systems from the device's SQL database or through analog and digital output modules located in the system's Data Acquisition Unit.

Dual Analyzer Configuration

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ETI PGNA Analyzer



Typically installed after the quarry crusher and before or after the Raw Mill, the FSEA allows operators to maintain tight control over cement chemistry before the material reaches the kiln. Analyzer data is used by automated plant systems to control additive feeders, thereby maintaining proper chemistry. The analyzer is critical in controlling the quality and consistency of the clinker product.

In cement applications, the FSEA reports CaCO3, Loss On Ignition (LOI), Lime Saturation Factor (LSF), Silica Ratio (SR), Alumina Ratio (AR) and the phase composition proportions of Alite (C3S), Belite (C2S), Tricalcium Aluminate (C3A), and Tetracalcium Aluminoferrite (C4AF) in addition to the standard analytes.


FSEAs are utilized in coal mines and coal-fired power plants to provide invaluable data to operators. In both mines and power plants, the FSEA is used to monitor customer-specific coal qualities such as ash, BTU, sulfur, Na2O, and Base-to-Acid ratio in addition to the remainder of the standard analytes.

Other applications include barn, silo, and stockpile management, train and barge loading, sorting, blending, and slagging and fouling mitigation.

Biomass, municipal waste, & wood products

The use of the FSEA in these applications is similar to its use in coal, as they are all used as fuels. The analyzer reports can be supplied with the batches of material run to document its quality.

As in coal applications, the FSEA reports heating value, and ash content. Chlorine, sulfur, and nitrogen are elements of particular concern, and all are reported as standard analytes.